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The Attorney

"Head Problem Solver"

Carol is not the usual attorney.  Don’t misunderstand, she has the obligatory blunt communication style complete with a bottom line focus.  That is where the stereotype ends.  Good lawyers are supposedly pessimists, Carol is an eternal optimist who fights windmills.  Even the impossible is doable.


Because she is ADHD, OCD, and/or simply an anal-retentive perfectionist (yes, as an adjective, it is hyphenated), Carol has amassed substantial credentials.  She began a short real estate career in the early 80s.  Next came two tax seasons as a CPA in a national accounting firm before moving to Washington, DC to work in the Reagan administration. 


That led to several years traveling to work as a political consultant on national, state, and local campaigns.  Law school generated working at a North Carolina law firm, for the office of the governor of Virginia negotiating federal welfare waivers, and in the US Office of Personnel Management.  In 2002, Carol came home to Greenville to be with her family and start Carol Simpson Law Offices.


The People Team


Barbara Burgess

Most everyone meets Barbara first. She answers the phone and her office is by the front door. Most offices call her the gatekeeper, but she lets everyone in so that doesn’t fit her.  Barbara sets up the client files, gathers information, and answers questions.  She orders the title work and prepares equity line closings. In short, she keeps us organized. Her greatest attribute is showing kindness to clients and the rest of the team.

Christine Sox

A real estate transaction hinges on good title to the property.  Enter Christine. She is our title guru.  Without her keen eye, many title defects would have been perpetuated.  She prepares title commitments, meets lender requirements, and issues title insurance policies.  She also handles wills, health care powers of attorney, and durable powers of attorney.  Needless to say, her greatest attribute is patience.


Carol demands one skill from her team –treat people well.  No one had any legal training when they arrived, but they naturally valued people. All are grandmothers so they are used to managing the chaos a law office can produce.  Carol takes care of the legal issues and has taught the team to do the research and paperwork. Together, they are accessible and focused on treating each client the way they would want to be treated if they needed a lawyer.


You can talk to us. We’ve worked with individuals and small businesses for years, so we understand the issues and seek solutions to meet your needs. When you’re our client, we make you part of the process and keep you well informed. We'll give you practical advice to simplify your real estate issue - not legalese to complicate it.

Cost Effective

Real estate transactions and disputes can involve significant time to complete.  Often, this results in increased costs to you. Carol has the knowledge and experience in real estate law to efficiently and economically resolve your legal needs.

Results Driven

Our primary focus is on real estate, but we also do simple will and powers of attorney. We not only meet your needs, but we also strive to exceed your expectations of what a lawyer can do for you. Our in-depth knowledge and experience ensures we know the landscape and offer direct and efficient solutions to your problems or concerns.

TEL: 864.233.4995

47 Greenland Drive. Suite A

Greenville, SC 29615

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